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Valencia office suites offers 6 private offices ranging from 125 to 145 sft.

What’s included with each office?

24/7 access

Mailbox with key

Priority no-cost access to the conference room (first come first served basis)

Weekly cleaning

We can accept packages (if you are not here)

Access to the reception area

Access common rest/work area and kitchenette

All utility costs are included (except phone and internet)

Video Security Surveillance

Unlimited Free Parking

Office and directory signage (one-time small fee)

Furniture can be provided upon request

Separate Temperature Control

*Office signage and directly is not included in the cost and is one-time fee of $50.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the office sizes you have available?

Office sizes range from 125 to 145 sft. Five out of the 6 offices offer a large window from floor to ceiling. There are two corner offices (one on each floor) that have two windows. There are no neighbors in front. Three of the offices offer incredible views of the santa clarita river valley (full of beautiful trees & scenery). As well as paseos and Santa Clarita Valley.

What is the price range?

Office lease cost depends on office size and its location within the building, lease term, as well as consumption of energy. Typically prices range from $525 to $800. The most affordable office going for $525 is without a window, and the $800 per month for office with two windows and panoramic views of the santa clarita valley and santa clarita river bed. Please Contact us for price list and availability.

What is included in the office lease cost?

Utilities (such as electricity, water, one parking space, air conditioning or heating). Use of common areas such as conference room, kitchenette, and reception area.

What are the lease terms available?

2 years, 1 year, and 6 months. longer the lease term the lower the lease monthly cost.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, we require one month lease as a deposit to sign the lease.

What information do i need to apply for office lease?

Your credit report (for your company and personal) for most professionals and companies.

Do you offer daily or weekly cleaning service?

We have weekly cleaning for all common areas of valencia office suites (reception area, conference room, hallways, bathrooms, and exterior of the premises).


You can arrange for daily or weekly cleaning service of your office suite with service provider we use or any other cleaning service of your choice. Valencia Office Suites does not endorse and will not be held responsible for actions of any cleaning service crew.

How long can i reserve use of valencia office suites conference room?

Each office suites client is allocated use of our professional conference room for 20 hours each month. Please be sure to make your use reservation in advance as much as possible to make sure it would be available in your desired date and time slot. You can use our conference room reservation app which is available on this web site.

How many parking spaces are available with my office suite?

One unassigned parking space is available per office suite. Valencia office Suites has 15 unassigned parking spaces for 7 offices. parking is on first come and first serve basis. there is ample parking available nearby in same building complex and on Ave Tibbits for use of your visitors. Make sure parking space does not say reserved.

How large is your building?

Valencia office suites has 6 executive offices available for lease, common reception area, kitchenet, and conference room. Unlike a larger office building that is always bustling with dozens of tenants and people. This as a part of a smaller development. Here at Valencia Office Suites you will enjoy more peace, privacy and feel similar if you were leasing your own private office building. Valencia Office Suites Area is approximately 1,800 sft.

How can i arrange viewing?

Contact us at ….. between 8:30 to 6:00 pm PST or email: to view the available office suites.

Do you offer furnished offices or furniture for lease?

Most clients have their own office furniture. we can provide furnished offices upon request, at a higher cost.

Is internet connection included?

No. Reason is you would be sharing same internet connection with other office tenants. Shared resources such as internet connection is not always a good idea. Since some people can use more bandwidth than others, hence slowing down the internet connection speed.


If someone is doing heavy uploading of music, movies and graphics on frequent basis for example, you may experience slow connection speeds and intermittent connection. In order to avoid any complications and claims by clients occupying the offices of Valencia Office Suites, we encourage you to make your own arrangements for internet connection such as DSL or T1 lines.


ATT & T is currently the main provider of these service for this area and building. The building and offices are brand new and hence are pre wired for the new standard in fastest connection speeds possible. Internet connection speeds available for Valencia Office Suites are among the fastest in the area, compared to older buildings with outdated wiring and communication systems that are used to provide internet and phone connection.


We do provide Wifi internet connection for the shared confrence room. There you can make streaming presentations, access the internet through latest flat screen tv and streaming dvd player with hundreds of applications, such as you tube, facebook, twitter, pandora, net flix, etx.

Is there security for the office space?

Yes, we provide 24/7 monitoring by security areas in the hallways on top and bottom floors. The building association provides nightly security monitoring of the building perimeter.

Do I have 24/7 access to my office space?

Yes, in addition to key for your executive office suite. Each tenant will receive one key to the main door. You can come and leave as you please any time day or night. Please note, the air conditioning and heater is turned on at 7:00 am and turned off at 7:30 pm Monday to Friday.

How will I receive mail?

Each executive office suite has one mail box to receive mail, located in the front of the reception area. You would receive a key to your mail box. Mail is typically delivered to your mail box, everyday around noon Monday to Friday.

Do you offer month to month leasing?

Sorry, we do not. Minimum Lease Term is 6 months. Standard Lease term is 1 year.

Do you offer a live receptionist to take my calls?

Not at this time. We can recommend for you


This is a hosted pbx system. It works just like any sophisticated full featured pbx and call forwarding sytem for fraction of the price. For as low as $10 per month, you can forward your business calls to your cell phone, your associate to anyone, to any phone, and anywhere in the world you wish. The caller will fee like they are calling a large global corporation. With music or messages on hold, call forwarding prompts, etc. Set up calling rules for your most important clients and calls

Do you offer tempreature control for each individual office suite?

Yes. Each executive office suite has its own climate/tempreature control. You can adjust the air conditioning/heater to fit your individual prefrences.

How many people can fit into one executive office suite?

Valencia Office Suites is designed for professionals, entrepreneurs and service providers. Each executive office can accommodate up to two people. If you have a larger staff, you can lease two or several offices side by side. Expand and downsize as needed. If you have several visitors, you can use the confrence room for your meetings.

What is included in the conference room?

Valencia Office Suites provides the latest, high end modern confrence room your business needs to go to the next level.


Confrence room table with 6 moder executive chairs, and 2 additional chairs adjacent. The chairs are modern style, quality and brand new. With chrome base, and black leather ligning. 32″ brand new high resolution Vezio flat screen tv, brand new Vezio blue ray player, where you can access the internet and hundreds of streaming applications such as you tube, facebook, twitter, netflix, pandora, etc. There is also white board, and presentation projector.